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McCANN Australia Truth Well Told

The Plan

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Australians are rightly concerned about our energy future. High prices and blackouts have dominated a national discussion. It is reasonable that they would want to know that there will be enough energy to power our needs, that it will be affordable and importantly – sustainable.

Belief that the Government will take care of our future was dropping and new leadership in this space was needed.


As one of the biggest energy companies in the country, AGL believe they can make the biggest change. “The Plan” is AGL’s campaign to outline the future that they are working to create with their customers for all Australians. The campaign is a genuine, honest and enlightening explanation of the initiatives AGL is implementing and ends with the call to action “You with us?” – a powerful, multifaceted call to action highlighting the importance of being with the right energy provider. One with a vision and a plan.

First quarter results:

  • Spontaneous awareness grew by 78%
  • Brand consideration rose 87%
  • The percentage of consumers who saw AGL as ‘a leading generator of renewable energy’ grew by 68%
  • The percentage of consumers who saw AGL as ‘providing sustainable & alternate energy options’ grew by 81%

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