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McCANN Australia Truth Well Told

Impossible Orchestra

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Australia has 2.6 million unpaid family carers. They care for their disabled children and their partners 24 hours a day. And they do it with almost no recognition. The truth is that almost every Australian will become a carer, or be cared for at some stage of their lives. However, for most Australians, we just don't know it.


When you’re a carer, you never stop caring. You might get the odd break but mentally, you’re always with the one you care for. To sensitively draw attention to the significant role carers play we needed an idea befitting their tireless efforts.

The idea: Tell the story of what it’s like to care nonstop through a 24-hour, nonstop orchestral concert.

To achieve this impossible challenge,
 we assembled over 200 of Australia’s finest classical musicians from our leading orchestras and challenged them to play for 24 hours in one of Australia’s finest concert venues – Melbourne’s Hamer Hall. But the concert was about more than music. Brutally honest and moving short films about individual carers were shown during the event, with the orchestra providing a live score.

During the event, carers and those they cared for rotated through orchestra 
as guest musicians and conductors, including the carers from our short films. Many of the musicians themselves were also carers, and also told their stories throughout the 24 hours – bringing to life the message: When we work together, nothing is impossible.

6,500 people attended the concert
40 countries watched online
#ImpossibleOrchestra trended twice on twitter
Campaign coverage in 217 news outlets
13.7 million Australians reached
35% increase in caring as an issue among key 55+ segment

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