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McCANN Australia Truth Well Told

For The Love Of Comfort

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Comfort is a universal, human truth. We all get it, we all understand it, even if comfort for one person is completely different to another. Therefore, the universality of this new comfort platform gives Pillow Talk the tools they need to build genuine relationships with all Australians, no matter their age or background. 


So, to launch a brand that completely and utterly champions comfort, McCann turned to Pillow Talk staff – the comfort experts – to tell their own unique stories about what comfort means to them.

What resulted was an inspiring and moving brand film that captured genuine emotions from real Pillow Talk staff. The film, launched in cinemas and across social channels, introduced Pillow Talk’s new brand positioning ‘for the love of comfort’, new logo, and complete new look to Australian’s for the very first time.

As part of the film launch, McCann and Pillow Talk, along with The Red Republic, produced a three tiered in-store brand launch at Pillow Talk’s new and improved Robina store. This included a media and influencer breakfast, a loyal customer event for dinner and an ‘official’ store re-opening a few days later.

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