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While opportunities to gamble are increasing, access to treatment isn’t keeping up. So we didn’t want to just make an awareness campaign – we proposed a new kind of treatment program.


Working with the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation and psychologists, we created an online treatment program – The 100 Day Challenge. The online platform allowed gamblers to register and complete a program of gambling abstinence or reduction and receive online assistance, support, advice, encouragement and access to counselling. To promote the campaign, we put four real problem gamblers through the Challenge, in the public eye. Every day they created a video diary tracking their thoughts and feelings and this became content for television, radio and online.

The campaign has achieved far more than a standalone awareness solution ever could. An estimated 10% of Victoria’s problem gamblers are currently registered in the program, with over 1,700 actively going through their own 100 Day Challenge. In the process we have created a community that is supporting each other and referring other problem gamblers to the program. Referral rates are currently at 25% for problem gamblers aware of the campaign.

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