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McCANN Australia Truth Well Told

Elder Abuse Happens

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In Queensland, elder abuse remains a huge problem. In part, because a large group of people who can make it stop, are never empowered to do so.


For June 15’s World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, the Queensland Government’s Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors engaged McCann Queensland to devise a strategy and campaign to help prevent elder abuse in Queensland’s communities.

Using insights and research from industry bodies, we found that a large majority of elder abuse offenders were direct family members – in most cases, their children.

Our strategic goal was to bring elder abuse out of the dark, and into the light. So that together, we can all make it stop.

So, we proposed a strategy that focused on connecting with a more youthful generation of people (the socially-conscious adult grandchildren), whilst also capturing the hearts and minds of family, friends, neighbours and carers of all ages.

This strong, new strategic approach informed our overall campaign direction and messaging. With stories of elder abuse told from the perspective of our younger demographic, as they recall moments of abuse in their own family.


The campaign launched on June 15 2019 in conjunction with World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

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