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McCANN Australia Truth Well Told


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The University of Melbourne is Australia’s number 1, and most respected university both locally and internationally. It is also a world leader in many different fields of research. But rather than being proud of this cultural icon, Melbournians take it for granted.

The idea of higher education as a ticket to a dream future has become the default for higher-ed communication. Our challenge was to create an inspiring and differentiated positioning that reflects the truth about the University in a compelling way. We needed to take the first step to re-engage the city, the Australian community and the private sector by re-establishing the University’s relevancy - building it as our leading source not just of education, but of ideas and critical thinking.


The University of Melbourne is more than just a place that you or your children might attend for higher education. It’s an institution that facilitates the coming together of the best and brightest thinkers to create real world discoveries that affect us all. The Melbourne Curriculum allows for this type of collaboration across faculties and within disciplines. Our research showed that the notion of ‘Collisions’ within the University to create something unexpected and meaningful was compelling. We launched a brand campaign around the central creative idea of what happens when great minds collide. Our objective was to raise community awareness of the University’s significant research achievements and sharing the stories of how people are benefitting from these research projects every day. The campaign includes social and digital media, cinema, television, print advertising, outdoor and a content partnership with the Guardian. The media strategy for the campaign was also managed by McCann.

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