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McCANN Australia Truth Well Told


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The best thing about Bic 4 Colour Pens is they last a really long time. The problem for Bic sales is…..they last a really long time. So rather than run an advertising campaign promising customer of this benefit, we decided to run a campaign to get existing owners to use their Bic 4 Colours Pens more in a creative way so that their pens would run out, and they would buy new ones.


The Bic 4 Colour World Champenships: The ultimate (and only) pen based sporting event.

Players competed with their blood, sweat and ink, in 12 new Pen Based sports that athletes could only enter with their Bic 4 Colour pen. The campaign introduced the world to Clicky-Clicky Fast Pen, Pen Metre Diving, Rhythmic Penanstics, Click Draw, Bic Bocce, Pen Pong, Ice Pen Skating and more.

To bring the Champenships to the people, we hosted the whole tournament live on Facebook where athletes submitted their competition entry videos, provided live “commenstary” and tuned in to watch the best of the best compete in five hours of live Penathon.


  • 1.8 million spectators
  • 548,000 participants & actions
  • 7.3% sales growth over the event period

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