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McCANN Australia Truth Well Told


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At risk gamblers can fail to notice problem gambling warning signs and their risky behaviour can often lead to the development of more serious gambling issues if left untreated.

With more than 8% of Victorians showing signs of at-risk behaviour, a preventative approach was needed.


We found something that all at-risk gamblers could identify with: BetRegret.

BetRegret was the second or third visit to the ATM, a bet too far, an uncomfortable confession to a partner. All the little things that don’t individually qualify for a problem with gambling, but when felt often enough, may lead to it.

Through research we learned that the at-risk audience opened up to each other. So we found real at-risk gamblers who could talk about their own BetRegret feelings and created a campaign around them.

Through an online film and other targeted touch points, we were able to capture the audience to help lift the stigma associated with problem gambling and provide a solution towards preventing them.


The campaign delivered measurable impacts on primary target audience behaviours.

1 out of 3 at-risk gamblers sought treatment through the Bet Regret website and gambler’s help services.

69% of our target audience were exposed to the campaign, with more than half considering the advertising highly effective.

65% of the target audience took action and modified their behaviour.

Gamblers help web-site traffic increased 516% above norm with 25,421 unique visits in the first month of the campaign.

Bet Regret is now a condition formally recognised by Gambling Treatment professionals in Victoria.

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