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McCANN Australia Truth Well Told

A Table to End Hunger

Adfest | One Show | Cannes Lions | Clio

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Like many developed nations with an abundance of food, Australians take hunger for granted. We are like “fish, who don’t know they’re in water.” We believed the only way to get people to notice the hunger project was to be unconventional and address the issue through something Aussies cared about – dining out.


We made people aware of hunger, by hitting them when they were thinking of food. We linked missing out on a Friday night dinner reservation, to what it’s like to miss out on dinner in the third worlds, and in the process made dining out a charitable gesture.

In collaboration with ebay and dimmi we set aside tables and meals at some of Australia’s most exclusive restaurants for people to bid on. By solving a first world problem, we were able to bring awareness to a third world problem.


  • Generated enough money to elect 41 Indian women to support their community for 1 year
  • Achieved highest awareness in the organizations history
  • 1 table sold for $5000
  • 81,108 of meals generated

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