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McCANN Australia Truth Well Told

Fran Clayton

Chief Strategy Officer, Australia

Fran Clayton

Fran is a lifelong student of human nature - the emotions that drive us and the cultures that shape us. She is a strong proponent of the McCann philosophy that when the Truth is well told, it will move people and the market.

Fran has held senior leadership roles in a number of agencies in both Australia and the USA and has worked with many of the most valuable local and global brands including McDonald’s, Virgin, Volkswagen, Westpac, Toyota, Nestle and P&G. She has lectured at Ad Schools and Universities in Australia and New Zealand, and tutored at UNSW while she completed her Master of Commerce. She has authored multiple Effie finalists and award winners and developed the strategies behind many creatively awarded campaigns.

Fran is a New Zealander born and raised and now lives in Sydney with her husband Mike and two kids Rose and Eddie.