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Mount Franklin ~ Pure Feel Good



In a category with no functional differentiation, why pay more for something that is perceived to be the same across brands? Water is water isn’t it?


By rising above the functional, we carved out a deeper emotional role for Mount Franklin to play in the lives of our core target – young women in their 20s and 30s. They’re active and healthy and know that nothing beats feeling good. Naturally, ‘Mount Franklin’s’ premium quality pure spring water is the one source that will enable them to achieve the feel good moments they desire, every day.

Through the creative work, we aimed to define a memorable and endearing personality for Mount Franklin through a sensory visual metaphor. Focusing on the simple and pure elements of Australian nature that are central to the ‘Mount Franklin’ brand identity, the campaign thought is summed up in the tagline ‘Mount Franklin’, Pure Feel Good.

Launching with 45, 30 & 15 second TVCs across television and cinema screens, the campaign also consisted of PR, print and POS and social media. On the first day of the campaign alone, over 1.142m Youtube viewers watched the 15 second spot.